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Get Your Message Across...

through the media and face-to-face

Michael Dodd Communications empowers you and your team to become inspirational communicators.

Michael and his colleagues show you the secrets of giving scintillating presentations and winning pitches, bombproof media interviews and great answers to tough questions.

This can be done through captivating conference keynotes, master classes and one-to-one coaching sessions.

It can also be achieved through communications-boosting programmes tailored to the precise needs of your team.

"The art of the diamond cutter is knowing how to reveal the best angle of a stone, polish off the rough edges and expose the sparkling gem within. Michael Dodd works with people instead of diamonds and is a master craftsman." Richard Bosworth, Chairman, "What If" business leaders group

This is Michael Dodd on the BBC News seeking to practice what he teaches about media response skills.

Click here for sessions on Make Your Team Look, Sound and Feel Great which Michael can run at your event with his professional speaking colleague Nicci Roscoe.

This is Michael's 2014 showreel.

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Workshops for Business Leaders Groups

Media Training Master Classes

Presenting with Confidence Impact and Pizazz

Giving Great Answers To Tough Questions

Transforming the Communications Skills of Your Team

"The Challenge" - Tackling your big issues with mock TV shows starring your people